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Welcome, I'm Coach Josie...

I help high achievers start their big dreams, heal their relationships and Soul Leap from "doing" to "being" in life.

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Life and Executive Coaching

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Inner peace is the new success, you know by now money can't buy it.  There is no magic bullet.  Life is messy and beautiful.  My goal is to help you experience more of the beauty, through 'being' while letting go of the messiness 'doing' can create (you don't need it) -  Period. We'll get you started on your big dream, heal your relationships, increase your self awareness and have you deeply connected to what matters most.

Relationships Mastermind

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You could say we are defined  by the relationships we keep.  When you are out of sync in your relationships it's very difficult to feel inner peace.  This 6 week online group coaching platform creates an educationally robust and transformative journey to better relationships.  Especially with you know who? - Yes, YOU.

Mindfulness Training

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Bringing mindfulness into your life or organization may be easier than you think.  Experiential and informative my 1 hr Introduction to Mindfulness workshop highlights the latest science on why it's effective.  Weekly guided mindfulness sessions are a great add on to the workshop or dive in with an 8 week mindfulness program.

The Soul Leap Blog

A little blog about big Leaps, Soul Leaps.


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About Coach Josie

I know helping high achievers find inner peace through 'being' is my gift.

Relationships, Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Corporate Training


I've been a Life and Executive Coach for 15 years, but my journey to become a Coach started long before I became certified with 

The Coaches Training Institute. 

When I was a child I felt connected to something outside of myself.  I new then I was a part of something that I couldn't explain and yet this life force, the universe or source (whatever you want to call it) seemed to be nudging me in certain directions.  These nudges lead to what I call a Soul Leap. The learning and life choices that push you out of your comfort zone to reach new levels of awareness, love, business success, health and abundance.

I can't imagine being in any other profession.  This playground allows me to use my natural gifts, show up in my genius zone, leverage my education and use my skill set to create, connect and really make a difference in people’s lives.

My learning has come through study, practice and failing. 

I've harnessed the global classroom, as I like to call it, traveling to over 45 countries experiencing culture, the environment and people is a big passion.  I've lived in Ashrams around the world, studied with The International Sivananda Vedanta Centers, practiced Zen Buddhism in France at Thick Nhat Hanh's Plum Village and gleaned wisdom from one of my most cherished guru's Mother Nature.  Before I Soul Leaped into entrepreneurship I worked in IT  for a big bank...

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