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You know that feeling when everything aligns?

Q3 July 11th, 2019, 5:30pm-8pm is all about ALIGNMENT and how to create that feeling in your life!

Q1, we dove into redefining success, Q2 we peeled back the onion on real commitment and Q3 we're exploring what it means to live in alignment.   Soul Leap School is all about helping busy professionals live more intentional lives.  Through experiential learning, mindfulness, and group coaching SLS helps you build greater self awareness while providing the tools to support you on the journey.   Alignment is an essential aspect of feeling on purpose, accessing greater joy and having an impact where it matters most.  It's about living the dream and it may be a lot closer than you think.  We'll kick off the workshop with an inspirational story teller Jackie Mirkopoulos of Evolve Holistic who has created her version of an aligned life.  Spoiler alert - alignment its not one size fits all.


Q3 - July 11th, 2019. 5:30pm-8pm

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Location: 555 Richmond Street west

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Soul Leap School Will Change you

About Soul Leap School

What is it?

       Designed as a quarterly anchor in intentional living for busy professionals and aspiring dreamers.  Each live learning event utilizes the latest in mindfulness techniques, self inquiry, and group coaching to push you past your comfort zone and into real lasting transformation.     

Value proposition:

Experience the personal growth and  learning associated with life coaching at a fraction of the investment.  Stay the course with monthly take home worksheets and build momentum on your intentional life through accountability partnerships.

What are the intended outcomes?

Improved personal performance on a platter,  you'll get clear and unstuck  on where you are going by redefining what true success means to you.   We'll be shifting you out of your logical head and into your wisdom filled heart building confidences you are on track.  We'll be putting it all on paper and leveraging the power of a focused mind.  Class enrollment is limited, will be intimate, safe and 100% transformational.  This IS the support you've been looking for.

Q4 October 10th, 2019.

Celebrate what's really working and pave the way for continued learning.

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