Life Coaching & Learning Events

Everyone has questions.

What if I want to book private coaching?

As you start to peel back the onion and improve your self awareness a 1:1 session will really deepen your learning.  This kind of personal development work is very healing.  It's like hitting the RESET button, creating a deeper connection to your true self where real lasting change lives.

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What will I learn?


Soul Leap School is all about living an aligned and intentional life. In order to do this, you must become more self-aware. Each workshop leverages mindfulness, self-inquiry and group coaching to create aha's and shifts in your personal experience. Theme's we explore:

Success. Commitment. Alignment. Resilience.

Will the events have value if I only attend one or two?

100% the events in themselves are stand alone in nature and have a specific learning agenda.  Each event includes mindfulness, self inquiry and group coaching.  Together they are better but definitely valuable on their own.



We will lean in and learn from different experiences and perspectives. This is a very inclusive and safe environment to take the mask off and be seen..

What if I don't know my big dream?


We'll get in touch with your heart where your dream lives. You'll also learn mindfulness tools to stay connected to what really matters.

What can I bring into the event?

Your experience and your truth. Curiosity and intention to grow.  Something to write in (we'll have hand outs) a pen.  Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.