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One weekend can change your life -April 12-14th, 2019.


Soul Sisters is about so much more than relaxation and yoga.

All too often we wear masks in our life to get it all done, to be everything to everyone, to look the part, to look like the sum total of what we think we should be.    At Soul Sister's we create a safe environment to take the masks off and support one another around what really matters. 

What's included: SOLO BOOKINGS NOW ON SALE $649+HST

  •   2 nights accommodations at Trillium Resort
  • 2 Dinners, 2 breakfasts,  1  lunch + snacks
  • 3 Yoga classes, 3 meditations
  • The Soul Leap Learning Container 
  • Group coaching - personal  break through exercises
  • Use of the hiking trails,  wood burning sauna
  • Your special gift
  • Deep RENEWAL

At Soul Sisters I discovered...

... how Josie, through artful facilitation, took us through a process which allowed us to dig deep into the areas of our lives that we all wanted to improve.  What really shocked me was how easy it was to be open with my deepest thoughts, fears and desires in front of strangers. Josie truly has a gift to make you feel at ease and turn a group of women who had just met into the perfect support system for our soul searching journey. 

WOW! Another enlightening retreat with the Soul Sisters

This tribe is so powerful and keeps growing.  Some I knew before and all I will remember as they share a special place in my heart.  I have the privilege of being to 8 out of 9 of Soul Sister retreats and they just keep getting better.  This retreat balances yoga, meditation, insightful workshops and emotional exercise’s in a caring, gentle, non- judgment environment.  You can’t help but get exactly what you need.  A special thank you to a special Josie and to all who shared my and their experiences.

My first Soul Sister's weekend was outstanding!

It surpassed anything I hoped for. I got the chance to meet the most amazing, beautiful, strong, caring women and I hope we meet again every year for soul sisters. I was looking for a weekend of yoga, relaxation and nature, but I got so much more. I have never cried or laughed so much in 3 days in my life.  I learned that we all have things we are working through, no matter how put together we look on the  outside.  I am already looking forward to next year! 

To Secure your spot at Soul Sisters 2019 call Trillium 1-800-263-6600

Soul sister's Yoga and Wellness in the wilderness

April 12th-14th, 2019 is the 12th annual Soul Sister's Retreat

Join a small group of like minded women ready to unplug, reset and DEEPLY RENEW! 

  Trillium Resort and Spa 

Best Wellness Retreat 2018 - Ontario in the 2018 LUX Global Excellence Awards


The Agenda


Quaint guest cottages and inviting chalet's are nestled in old forest.  A rushing river meets a lake in the acres of nature we get to roam all weekend.  Leave your phone on airplane mode and unplug from it all!

Be Taken CARE of

The accommodating staff at Trillium offer up delicious meals all weekend long, you don't have to lift a finger!  Find a quite corner by the wood burning fireplace and read or write until your hearts content.

Yoga and Meditation

Daily yoga and meditation are the perfect elixir to ease your stresses away.  Each practice is slow, methodical and functional at it's roots.  You'll feel like butter afterwards and if restorative is what you need, it's what you'll get.

The Learning Container

RETREAT yes, EDUCATIONAL 100%.   There is a fairly robust schedule of guided educational sessions to help you unblock what's in the way and live a more freedom filled life.  All group activities are optional but highly recommend for the most valuable retreat experience.

Group Coaching

Being witnessed is healing and it is leveraged at Soul Sisters.  Engage in the circle of trust and share as much or as little as you need to feel seen.  Everyone is invited to adopt a non-judgemental lens and mindfully work within the facilitation guidelines.

The Spa

You'll deepen all of the benefits of this retreat with add on spa services.   Massages, body wraps, reflexology and facials are wonderful ways to clear your energy.  Book appointments and learn more here.

What does it cost?

2 Bedroom Chalet


All inclusive rate per guest -$861+HST

Returning Soul Sister's rate - $699+HST

Cozy Cottage Queen with pull out


All inclusive rate per guest - $810+HST

Returning Soul Sister's rate -$649+HST

Solo Soul Sisters Cottage


All inclusive rate per guest - $884+HST

Returning Soul Sister's Rate - $729+HST

To reserve call trillium: 1-800-263-6600

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Trillium Resort and Spa

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